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Hardwood Flooring Articles

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FLOORSQUAD is specialized in working with developers, contractors and commercial spaces owners. We understand that coordination between the multiple trades working on a commercial space is the key to success. We can always adapt our schedule to the project schedule and we are always ready to deploy multiple teams to the job site in order to finish the project accordingly. The process of installing a wood floor in a commercial space is not different than in a residential space. After deciding the day of the installation we are going to have the materials delivered and stored at the job site in order to balance the moisture level within the wood with the humidity level inside the space. Being a traffic area, the floor should be installed with an extra number of nails and, if possible, glue. The subfloor should be secured with special concrete nails and glue. If the floor is a glue-down engineered wood, commercial grade glue should be applied. Upon request at the end of the installation we can cover and protect the floor until all the other trades are done. In daily open businesses we can provide enclosures to contain the dust and debris and assure uninterrupted business operation. FLOORSQUAD also operates at night if the business can only close in the evening and has to be opened in the morning. The teams are always going to be supervised by a project manager that can be reached at any time during the project development.


If a wood floor is desired in a commercial space we recommend installing a solid hardwood flooring of ¾” thick and nothing less than ½”. The wood can be prefinished or unfinished. The prefinished wood is a good option because the manufacturers give a warranty for the finish for 5 to 25 years depending on the brand. The manufacturers will use a stronger type of finish and do over 12 coats when finishing the wood. That type of preparation will not be possible on an unfinished wood installed and coated at the job site. When the finish wares off, the floor will have to be refinished and coated as a regular hardwood floor. The advantage of an unfinished wood is the easy installation and the wide choice of color stain. The unfinished hardwood floor will have to be coated with commercial grade finishes at least 3 times to ensure a good protective top layer. The advantage of installing a solid hardwood floor is that it can be refinished multiple times without the need of replacing the floor.


Laminate flooring would also be a good choice for a commercial space when time and money is limited. Before installing laminate floor in a commercial space the installers must check the subfloor for any leveling imperfections and notify the owners if major leveling issues are found. A laminate floating floor will need a close to perfect surface to withstand the traffic in a commercial space without coming apart. The laminated floors are resistant to medium traffic and superficial scratches. When damaged, the floor will most likely be replaced because the manufacturers are discontinuing these products after a year or two of production.


When installing an engineered wood in a commercial space we recommend only the products with a thicker wood top layer. A product with a thin layer cannot be refinished if the wood is damaged and that will result in having to completely replace the floor. Engineered glue down flooring is recommended if building a subfloor is an issue and the flooring has to be installed right on the concrete.