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Our customers can contact us either by using the toll free number we provide, which is available  24 hours a day, or by email. The Sales Department is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. If immediate assistance is needed, we strongly recommend you call within the schedule and a sales representative will be able to answer your question, set up an appointment, or give you a rough estimate over the phone. If you are calling after the working hours, an operator will take your basic contact information and a sales representative will call you back the following day.


Getting rough estimates is the best way to get started when looking for a flooring product or service. A rough estimate will not only help you understand the market price for the product or service but it will help you determine, based on the answers received and the quality of the call,   which company it will better suite your flooring needs. Our company can provide you with a rough estimate by phone or by email. For a better understanding of the project, be prepared to be asked about room dimensions or property square footage. If the rough estimated price is within your budget, we suggest setting up an in home estimate to finalize and get a firm quote on your flooring project.


When ready to set up an in home estimate, you can call our toll free number or send us an email with an appointment request. We also suggest using our Franchise Locator and contact your local FloorSquad representative by the number or email provided on their website. We will do our best to fit the appointment within your schedule, as long as it takes place within your local FloorSquad’s hours of operation.



We understand how busy your daily schedule is and how important punctuality can be. We consider that arriving on time is one of our best assets. Our estimators are always going to call before the arrival and at least 1hr before the appointment if they determine that a late arrival cannot be avoided. At the estimate, you will be able to sample wood stains, finishes and types of wood. As they cannot carry but a few samples, a brief description of the stains or wood samples will be required when setting up the appointment. If provided with a rough estimate over the phone or email, the in home estimate will determine the final price of the project.



After asking about a brief description of the project, the estimator will start by measuring the area in need of new installation or refinishing and calculate the square footage. When measuring, we will also look for any possible issues that will delay or complicate the nature of the project, explain the situation to the homeowner and come up with a solution. The details of the issue are going to be included in a written quote provided at the end of the inspection which is sent to you by email. The estimators are trained to detect any sign of abnormal moisture in your wood floor, high or low levels of humidity in the air, traces of mold, termites, rotten or damaged subfloors; issues that have to be addressed before attempting any hardwood flooring project. Detecting and addressing the problems on time will guarantee the success and the quality of the work as we can only stand behind our product if done correctly.


After the final estimate, we will compare the rough estimate notes with the new measurements and determine the final price. A quote will be sent to you by email in less than 24 hours including all the steps and the costs of the project. If requested, the estimator will also be able to finalize the price at the appointment but the quote will be sent by email. As soon as you receive our quote we suggest replying with a confirmation email that will determine the duration before the follow up call. If not confirmed, we will understand that the quote was not received and we will give you a confirmation call within 24 hours. Keeping in contact with our customers is very important. That is also why we will give you a follow up call to answer any additional questions about the quote and to get feedback on the price and any comments regarding customer service.


Scheduling the work is a relatively simple process. You can either call the toll free number provided on the website or you can call the direct line of the sales representative assigned to your project. Little or no lead time is usually required to schedule the work. Because of the nature of the flooring installation or refinishing process that requires heavy machinery, moving furniture, loud noise and toxic fumes, you may have to prepare to leave your home for the duration of the project. Don’t forget to ask about the estimated length of the project and the day it will be safe to return, walk on the floor and rearrange furniture. Don’t hesitate to talk to the project manager or the sales representative if you have any questions or concerns during the work process.